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"We see this as a way to change kids' perceptions of where food comes from, and what it takes to produce healthy food.” 

Fit and Faithful Living wants expand the use of Tower Gardens in homes, school and kid-focused organizations througout DFW. Through the generousity of partners and supporters, Fit and Faithful Living currently is able to provide Tower Gardens to those that qualify.

For details and more information about how you, a family or an organization can qualify for a Tower Garden, call the Fit and Faithful Living office at (214) 397-7400. 

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Fit and Faithful Living recently introduced Jonas Garden to the kids.  Named for co-founder Reggie Dupard’s father, the Jonas Garden resides in a tower-like container that can be used in indoor and outdoor spaces, allowing kids and adults to grow food from beginning to end.  Kids can recognize the fruits (and vegetables) of their labor right in the kitchen or at the table. 

To educate, engage, and empower individuals to adopt a healthy lifestyle.