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LaChanda Dupard, CLC, SSGB

Founder and Executive Director



It's hard to believe that five years have past since my husband was diagnosed with mild kidney disease, high blood pressure and high cholesterol!  Helping him improve his health and overcome these complications within six months through diet and exercise was a pivotal moment in our lives!  During the same year, I lost a close friend to gastric bypass and a combination of several obesity related illnesses.  That was it!  The fire was lit in my spirit to do more for others experiencing similar conditions.



I am the product of a broken father/daughter relationship and through therapy, I have begun to understand the importance of emotional and mental wellness in relation to establishing boundaries and expections in order to sustain healthy relationships.  Through much prayer and meditation, I have been inspired to create a place for individuals who suffer from the pain of negative relationships.  My vision quickly expanded to also providing a safe place to also educate and strengthen families both mentally and physically . . . thus the birth of our Breaking Chains Life Skills Class. 


Fit and Faithful Living has made and continues to make tremendous advancements in the areas of overall health & wellness through education, awareness and inspiration.  We still have a challenging road ahead, but I truly believe that in partnership with YOU, we can affect a positive shift in the mental, emotional, and physical health of the next generation of children, men, women, and families.